The old-standby sales tactic that works wonders in a slow economy

A lot of companies faced with slumping sales have resurrected a traditional sales tactic that has worked for years and still works today.

The tactic is cold-calling, and it’s especially important to step it up in a tough economy, for at least two good reasons:

Many salespeople tend to deal with a recession by making fewer calls. One study, for instance, showed salespeople reduce their cold-calling efforts by 38% during tough times. So at a time when they should be contacting more people, they’re contacting fewer.

It’s no longer business as usual for most customers. They’re under pressure from management to find more value for their purchasing dollars. Those who always claimed to be satisfied with their present suppliers are now looking for new suppliers who can help them get through this tough economic period. Doors that were always closed in the past now open wide for salespeople who are able to recognize opportunities and seize them.

Attitude is key
Salespeople who excel at cold calling have the right amount of determination, perseverance, enthusiasm and positive attitudes. One sales study found that optimistic salespeople sold on average 37% more products and services during cold calls than negative salespeople.

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