Videoconferencing: No pants required

Every now and then a press release arrives with some truly useful advice. Today was one of those days. From the offices of PJ Inc. public relations comes this gem: You can video conference without  wearing pants.

But it would be a good idea, says the account rep for ooVoo — a Web cam and video conferencing company — not to take off your bra while in an online, on-screen meeting. (The PJ Inc. rep provided a helpful link to a woman doing just that as part of the pitch. I guess you can have the YouTube link too…)

This is all part of what ooVoo’s PR folks say are the etiquette rules of virtual meetings.

Other tips:

  • Pick a facilitator to help manage any over-exuberant participants.
  • Ask permission if you wish to record a video chat. Privacy is expected until consent is given otherwise.
  • Pay attention and listen – if you try to fake it, you’ll be caught.
  • Acknowledge the power of your body language – avoid personal gestures such as hair playing, scratching, picking, etc …
  • Remember you are meeting face to face on clear video, so remain aware of your facial expressions and monitor them so you send the right message.
  • Don’t eat or drink during a business video conference call.

A complete list of ooVoo’s etiquette tips for video conferencing are available here.

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