Watch out for suspicious claims: 2 high-risk areas to check


A good idea for the near future: Talk to your Benefits manager to make sure your firm has a solid system for investigating fishy disability claims.

Why? Much like other types of employee fraud, phony disability claims have risen significantly in the past year.

According to a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the number of questionable claims was much greater in the first quarter of 2009 than it was in the first quarter of 2008.

The report compares claims reviewed and classified as possibly fraudulent by insurance companies.

Specifically, it may be a good idea to pay extra attention to any claims that fall into the following two categories — categories that saw a drastic increase in the first quarter of 2009:

  1. the number of employees filing workplace slip-and-fall claims against their employers increased 77%, and
  2. the number of suspected fraudulent claims related to workers’ compensation increased 71%.

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  1. It is obvious who the intended audience is since I don’t see stories about employers that cover up or don’t provide medical care for employees that get injured on the job. The fact that employers are running people harder and faster with threats of losing jobs is real. This is creating a class of injured and too scared to say anything. Not all employees are criminals looking to make a buck, because there isn’t a buck to make. Maybe treat them with a little respect and timely treatment rather than like lying criminals and see what happens.

  2. Its always about the employer getting screwed while the working man works his butt off everyday.
    If an employee is truly injured on the job, get him to a doctor or hospital immediately to document the injury.
    Don’t assume all injuries are fake.

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