Why some bosses blog: It’s good business

Want to raise your employees’ spirits – and keep them abreast of the latest company news and changes at the same time?

That’s exactly what Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet, Inc., was hoping to do when he took to the Internet to post some inspirational and uplifting messages for workers in his company blog.

Farah had heard mumblings around the office that workers were feeling tense and uncertain about their future with the company. Determined to change the negative mindset, he posted a story comparing the company team to a crew in a rowboat.

Although the crew couldn’t control the surrounding waves, it could control where the boat was headed.

Moral of the story: The team had to focus on what it could change – not what it couldn’t.

Over the next few days, Farah noticed talk of the economy was not part of employees’ conversations.

Their spirits were visibly lifted – and Farah noted that the blog post actually sparked a dialogue about what the team could do to drive business.

How you can inspire employees, too
Farah’s blogging success can be attributed in part to his desire to connect with employees on their level. The blog provided a platform for him to share his own plans and thoughts on the company and its future.

If you decide to start a blog, here are some starting pointers:

– Keep an eye (and an ear) out for popular trends and opinions among employees. A blog can be a great place to ruminate on topics (like the economy) that mean the most to them.

– Use the topics you discuss as a way to drive further questioning. Ask, “How can we use this information/experience to our advantage, to drive business?”

– Offer up coaching tips to help employees get through difficult times.

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  1. How about just being and acting like a leader? If this guy was afraid of talking to his employees and just started a blog, he’s no leader – he’s abdicating. If the blog wasn’t successful what would he do next? Curl up on the floor sucking his thumb?
    Besides, if everyone is just reading and responding to blogs all day, there’s little productivity.

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