Why cheaper is often better when it comes to online leads

Why are so many companies shifting marketing resources online? Because very low-cost lead generation tactics, like search engine optimization (SEO), deliver high quality leads at virtually no cost.

Yes, SEO takes time and technical smarts but you’re not shelling out big bucks.

Search engine optimization delivers quality leads
Search engine optimization delivers quality leads

In this survey by MarketingSherpa.com, B2B marketers were asked to rate the quantity and quality of leads generated by search engine optimization (the free organic results that appear on the left-hand side of search engine results pages) versus paid search on Google and other search engines.

Conclusion: Only 17% of marketers found leads generated by search engine optimization (SEO) a disappointment. But the quality did vary enormously.

Only 13% said leads were high quantity and high quality, 24% said leads were high quantity but low quality, 17% said leads were high quality but low quantity, while another 17% said leads were low quality and low quantity. (The numbers didn’t add up because some marketers didn’t use SEO.)

But it is interesting to see that the results for paid search via Google weren’t all that much more inspiring.

That’s why spending money on SEO in tough times can be a good bet, especially if you have a good in-house SEO expert to make sure your Web site hits the right keywords.

Julie Power is editor in chief of the Internet Marketing Report and the blog, Internet Marketing Report Online.

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  1. Thanks Julie,

    Very insightful report from Marketing Sherpa.

    As with many industries, a key to success can be specialization and this applies to both SEO and paid search.

    This is even more important if you’re in a competitive market space or if you are attempting to reach prospects nationally or internationally.

    SEO has become much more complex in the past couple of years and its important to work with organizations or individuals who have a recent track record of success, as alluded to in Julie’s post. Specialization can increase the likelihood of success with SEO or other forms of Internet marketing and now, more than ever, its important to invest marketing dollars wisely.

    Attached is a link to a blog post in which a Forbes report provides additional information on the effectiveness of seo:


    Duane Coleman

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