World’s lowest calorie cocktail — inhale responsibly

Next time you happen to be in Chicago, for business or pleasure, you might want to stop by the Red Kiva Lounge in the West Loop for what has to be the world’s lowest calorie cocktail.

The VaporTini doesn’t make you gain weight, because you don’t actually drink it. You inhale it.

According to a recent story in the Chicago Sun Times, the bar’s owner, Julie Palmer, got the idea for the VaporTini by visiting Finland, where she attended festivities on the shortest day of the year. One part of the celebration: pouring vodka on hot coals and inhaling the vapors.

Palmer came home and worked with her inventive dad to come up with a “glass” that could not only hold the liquid, but also heat it to the required 180 degrees.

She also experimented with the liquor that works best for a VaporTini. Her choices: Effen Black Cherry and Absolut Raspberry vodkas, Tanqueray Rangpur gin and Knob Creek bourbon.

Bar patrons can get one of these special drinks only on Thursdays, so plan your visit accordingly. The drink will cost you $10, and remember not to actually drink it. Just inhale.

And don’t think that just because you’re not actually imbibing the alcohol, it won’t show up when the cops stop you for driving under the influence. The alcohol will still reach your bloodstream —  it will just make a detour around your digestive system.

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