Your healthcare tab for the next year?

Little has strained companies’ budgets over the past 10 years as much as healthcare costs … and it ain’t over yet.

Double-digit increases are in store for employers once again, according to the latest estimates.

These new benchmarks from Buck Consultants can let you know what type of hikes to budget for next year.

By plan type
Check out how much more your company should prepare to pay in the next year, based on the type of plans you offer:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): an 11% increase (vs. 11.1% a year ago)
  • Point-of-Service (POS): a 10.2% hike (compared with 10.8%
    most recently)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): an 11% jump (vs. 11.1% in 2009), and
  • High Deductible Consumer-Driven: a 10.4% increase (compared with 10.7% this year).

An expensive ‘extra’
Of course, the medical plans themselves aren’t the only bills you foot when it comes to employees’ health care.

You’ll want some aspirin for yourself after reading this: When it comes to prescription drugs, you can count on paying an additional 10.8%. That’s on top of the 11.4% more employers were expected to cough up last year.

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  1. If you think the above story is dire, wait til Nobama-care takes effect and really nails us with costs. And reduces healthcare availability, and forces small business to drop coverage to put people on socialized medicine.
    Hope and change – indeed.

  2. Leu is so very negative. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the playing field were levelled between large & small companies by having ALL companies pay x% of payroll (say 6%) for healthcare? Then small co’s could compete for workers on a more equal footing. This would get the basics taken care of and if a company wishes to offer over and above they can do so. I’m tired of playing roulette with the carriers to try to get decent coverage for my employees while being able to afford the tag.

  3. I have worked in hospital systems for years, on the Canadian border. Socialized medicine does NOT work. It is NOT quality care. People come to Buffalo to PRIVATELY pay for procedures that they would wait years for in Canada, but will most likely die from before they are treated. I agree we are underinsured, but we are NOT typically undertreated – most hospitals spend a fortune in charity care, the level of care is the same, and I have never seen a patient turned away. God bless America – the land of the latest tests, treatments and drugs. Socialized medicine is so antiquated in their care systems (with some rare exceptions) that I say no thank you! Until the federal employees are under a true government run plan and want to drink their own Kool-aid, I will keep advocating for something better than a government run plan. No non medical person should be creating healthcare delivery systems.

  4. I agree with BABS. EVERYONE should be on a level playing field.

    Everyone talks about Canada and how social medicine does not work but they forget about the countries it DOES work like Italy. Just because one country’s systems does not work does not mean all of them don’t.

    Make both house suck it up and be on the plans we have to chose from and then something will be done!

  5. If you think the VA hospitals provide the best care, then Government run health care is for you.

    Most of them, (except maybe Walter Reed in the DC area) are run down, behind in Medical advancements and technologies, and have a buget of less than half of a regular private run/owned hospital in the same town. I know of only a few doctors that actually want to work full time for a VA Hospital as the do not get the pay, nor the benefits of a private run/owned hospital. And if this is what you want, vote for Democratic politicians this fall. I myself have heard way to many horror stories of the VA Medical Treatment Facilities to want govenment run healthcare.

  6. Barack Obama and all of his Washington mafia should really be ashamed of them selves. This is a total outrage. I’d been under the belief that the moment the chief executive takes office he has to swear an oath to uphold and also protect the constitution of our great country. Nowhere within the Constitution does it allow the administration the authority to be able to enact and also implement laws like the health reform bill. I think that these power mongers are going to be in for a proper shock in November. Best wishes relating to the decline of your political career.

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